Westwood Village

The community that Westwood Village is a part of includes Westwood Village. The lifestyle requirements of the communities that surround the center are reflected in the shopping and cultural offerings found there.

The median price of real estate in Westwood is $411,985, which is higher than the median price of real estate in 78.8% of the communities in Texas and 65.5% of the neighborhoods in the United States. According to recent research, the monthly cost of a rental in the Westwood and Montgomery Trace neighborhoods is approximately $2,215. This neighborhood’s monthly rental rates are significantly higher than those of eighty percent of the other neighborhoods in Texas combined.

The majority of residential properties in Westwood are either apartment complexes or high-rise apartments, ranging in size from single-family homes with three to four bedrooms to those with four, five, or more bedrooms. The majority of the available homes in the residential market are occupied by their owners. The majority of the homes in the Westwood area are more contemporary constructions, having been built in the year 2000 or after. In addition, many houses were constructed during this time period (1970-2000).

In Westwood, the vacancy rates for homes and apartments are both 10%. According to the findings of the analysis, this rate is lower than that of 40.6% of the communities across the country, which places it about near the middle range for vacant housing units. The appearance of a community and the personality it exudes are usually the first things that people notice about it, despite the fact that a neighborhood’s other qualities are as important. One may, for instance, observe whether all of the buildings were constructed within the same time period or whether the signs on the storefronts are written in more than one language. The Westwood area in Magnolia is one of the neighborhoods in the city that stands out both in terms of its appearance and the way it organizes its daily life. Both of these aspects deserve to be emphasized.

If you prefer the appearance and atmosphere of new homes and neighborhoods that have recently been created, you will really adore the Westwood area. It is estimated that a whopping 66.7% of the homes and other residential real estate in this area were constructed after the year 2000. This is a higher proportion of newly built homes than you will find in 95.7% of the communities across the United States. It appears that everything here is brand new.

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